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Team Building Events By Corporate Music Development

Discover a wide range of highly successful team-building innovations perfectly tailored to suit your company's needs including:

  • Ongoing evaluation and feedback tracking the dynamics and ethos of your business.

  • A workforce energized by ground breaking training programs.

  • Motivated individual and team performances through our unique combination of the power and creativity of music!

  • An aspirational experience of ‘harmony through conflict!’


Multiracial music band performing in a r

Corporate Music Development offers management structure and solutions to many blue chip companies around the world. Building on our excellence in international education programs we now provide support and advice to leadership teams. 


Our range of services now include - team building through music, personal coaching with strategic partners and music lessons at work.


Our highly successful programs continue to gain further public attention with international coverage form CNN, German Financial Times, the Guardian, Sky News and many others.


Corporate Music Development’s strength lies in our ability to work closely with our corporate clients work force creating flexible benefits and stimulating programs.


Our style appeals to those companies who wish to nurture innovation, passion, creativity and a sense of well-being.

Music Team Building Events  are available in the  UK,

Europe & Dubai

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