In 2003 ‘wellbeing’ programs were hovering on the corporate horizon looking to tackle staffing issues such as stress relief; creativity in the workplace; better communication; diversity and inclusion. Music lessons in the workplace ticked all the boxes… and more! Companies such as Sun Microsystems now benefit from music lessons at work and other corporate clients have quickly followed suit to be the best employer with the most benefits!


Since its inception, Corporate Music Development has gone from strength to strength providing support and advice to leadership teams and increasing the range of services from music lessons, to team building through music and working with strategic partners to include personal coaching.

Corporate Music Developments strength lies in its ability to understand the needs of corporate clients alike, and create flexible and stimulating programs to suit a work force. Our style appeals to companies who wish to nurture innovation, passion, creativity and a sense of well-being.
We cover the whole of the UK and Europe and the USA.

About Us

Back in 1997, music entrepreneur Steven Sammut wondered why so few children had access to pop and rock tuition in schools in the UK.  He set out on his mission to change this and to raise the standards in music education by starting a music school, The Rock and Pop Foundation to compliment and fill a need that traditional LEA Music Schools were not providing.


Not many children had access to the popular instruments enjoyed by classical music players. Also there was a distinct lack of inspirational music books for children to learn to play.

Steven wrote an innovative syllabus that is now nationally accredited to the QCA and 17,000 successful students later he has honed his creative developmental skills to include adult learning for professionals in the corporate work place.

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